Fashion and Beauty Series 8

I updated my sunglasses for the summer and at the same time received a working case.

As a customer, I always use my shopping experience for business purposes. I see all the nuances of the service, note and remember the advantages and points of growth. I collect working methods and techniques, sometimes even one phrase or word can completely change the result and lead to a sale (or vice versa).

In part, this is professional deformation but, on the other hand, this is a lot of practice and real cases that I take to work and use in my trainings and courses.

My recent shopping experience also brought such a case. I took the communication between staff and clients for the “ABC of the Store” course  there is a lot to understand there.

Here I will share such an element of the service as a compliment for a purchase.

I was given handmade sweets in branded packaging - it was a pleasant surprise. I will note two points:

1. Inscription on the package:
“We have been taking care of your vision for 30 years.”

An excellent fact that builds trust and respect for the company’s experience. Such an impressive figure definitely needs to be talked about👍🏻

2. Inscription on the other side:
“We know you had a choice. Thank you for choosing us!”

This is also an excellent phrase, actually a ready-made speech module.

Bottom line: I’m very happy with the purchase and the working finds too✔️

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